Thursday, May 6, 2010

5-things on my honey-do list that never get done

We all have them; some of them never get done and the ones that do get done usually don't get done without any lip. What am I talking about?? Honey-do lists! We all make lists that we hope our significant other will do but unfortunatley there are some of them that we ask and ask and they never seem to get done. I am going to share 5 of my honey-do list items that fall into this category.

1) The door on my son's bedroom door has fallen off and he has really wanted it to be fixed. We have tried everything but it has not worked so we need daddy to fix it. Well....there is a sheet hanging up so that he has a little bit of privacy.

2) The sliding glass door will not open easily and will not close all the way either. There is a draft in the winter so I have begged my "honey" to please do something with the door.....and well, I finally just put some blankets down to cut down on the draft.

3) While we are on the subject of doors....the screen door on the front of our house does not fit properly. It will not close all the way so when the wind blows at all it will blow the door open and that is never fun!

4) This one does not involve a door for a change. But it does involve my kitchen floor. We had a leak under the sink that caused the floor to rot and finally the floor fell through. I have wanted this to be fixed but instead got a temporary fix...there is a board on the floor to cover the hole. This is aggravating because of tripping over the board on the floor now.

5) This has been the one that has bugged me the most! About 2 years ago we had a hurricane. Not much to it but there was enough wind to blow a tree over. Thank God above for sparing my house and our lives!!! But the tree hit my porch. It came so close to going through my house that it knocked out the board on the porch that is next to the entrance. It also weakened the rest of the boards so it has been scary thinking someone was going to fall through. I have begged for a new porch and well, I am still waiting. We did find a temporary fix that is safer but it is also too small and has a longer drop when you walk out the door.

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  1. Great list. Good luck with the contest and actually getting the honey do list done- lol. If you want you can check out my honey do list here-