Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day weekend. The official start of summer!! So what are your plans for this weekend and Monday? I have family reunion on Sunday and I guess I will be one of the unfortunate that will be working on Monday. But I hope that everyone will take time ouot, no matter what your plans are, and think about what Memorial Day is all about. We need to think about the soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could be free, and also the families of those!! Take time to say a prayer for our current military men & women as well as their families too. I am sure they would all appreciate it.

Now if you know someone that would like to show their American pride, check out the great folks at ABC Neckties. They have awesome assortment of "flag" ties. I have one of these and my son took it as soon as it came in and wears it even when we are not celebrating a patriotic holiday!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5 fun family vacation activities your kids will love

Ok so summer time is among us and that means summer vacations!! What are some of the things that you are planning this summer? What are some of the things that your family likes to do on vacation?
I am going to take a moment and share my idea for 5 fun family activities that your kids will love. If your kids are anything like mine, they are hard to please sometimes! But these ideas would make any kid happy!

1) Have you ever heard of the Great Wolf Lodge? You really should check them out if you have not already. They are an indoor water park! And as if that wasn't enough they have specialized rooms to make any family happy.

2) Theme parks are always a great family spot. In fact in July my family will be traveling and going to King's Island. My hubby is from that area so he is the only one that has been before and he is really looking forward to taking me and the kids!

3)One trip I would love to take is to see Niagra Falls. I would love to take a family road trip to see the falls and I am sure we can find some good stops on the way as well!!

4) My kids LOVE going to the beach. Even if we don't make plans to do anything except stay in a hotel with a pool they are happy! In fact they get mad when dad makes plans to do anything that involves leaving the pool.

5) Walt Disney!! Every family should make this trip at least once!! I went when I was too young to remember and again my senior year of high school. This is the one trip that I am most looking forward to taking with my family in the future.

There are also places that are good depending on where you live...such as I have heard there is a M&M factory in Las Vegas I believe and I know there is Hershey, PA where they make Hershey candy. Those would be fun family places to go but again that would depend on where you are living or going.

So, what are YOUR plans this summer? You can share along with me and other bloggers by going to Twitter Moms and making a post of your own. But I would also like for you to leave me a comment about some of your plans. I am looking forward to my vacation in July!! And I will be sure to take lots of pictures and post them for all to share in my excitement wiht me.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

10 Tips for Being Fashionable on a Budget

Do you find it hard to be fashionable and still stay within your budget? Well it is really not that hard to do and to prove it I am going to share 10 tips with you.

1) Shop end of season clearance. If you can shop at the end of the season you can get some really awesome deals!

2) Shop at stores like TJ Maxx or Rugged Wearhouse that has the name brand clothing at a fraction of the cost.

3) Have a clothing exchange party. I have heard of these but have enver had one or been to one but you get your friends together and everyone brings clothes that they do not wear any more and exchange with each other.

4) Dont' be too proud to accept hand me downs. We expect our children to share clothes and if there is someone that you know that is getting rid of some clothes, accept them.

5) Don't be too proud to shop yard sales! This is a good way to get good stuff at great prices!

6) Shop the good will stores. They always have nice things in of my personal favorite places to shop.

7) Shop at second hand stores. You can find brand new stuff on the shelves that people take in because once they bought it they did'nt really like it.

8) One of my greatest blessings is having my mother in law live with me AND we are the same size!! We share each others clothes all the time.

9) Look deep into your closet and find those pieces that you put away that you didn't wear any more...I guarantee that they have come back in style or you can bring them back in style!

10) This is one that is good for the women but not for the men....wear your hubbys clothes!! We can always put something together with one of our men's dress shirts.

What are some of your tips for being fashionable?? You can share your tips just as I did by going to Twitter Moms.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Follow May 14th

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 Creative and Affordable Vacation ideas

Are you taking a vacation this year? Did you take one last year? My husband and I only took our annual trip to see his grandparents last year over Thanksgiving but that was it because money was so tight. This year we are planning early and trying to plan maybe 3 small vacations. Along with the girls from Twitter Moms, I am coming up with 10 ways that you too can have an affordable vacation this year.

1) Whenever possible, stay with family. It gets a little crowded when the whole family goes to see the grandparents and stay in their single wide trailer, but it beats those high priced hotels.

2) If you have to stay in a hotel, try to find one with a free continental breakfast. That is one meal that will not be extra.

3) Take food with you to make lunches with. If you combine this tip with #2 then you can enjoy a nice dinner each evening. I know that when you are on vacation you do not want to cook but you can take sandwich makings or other easy peasy lunch time meals to make.

4) Travel with family or friends. If you can go with someone else you can split the cost of gas and food and both of you will be getting a break.

5) Drive rather than fly if you can. Although gas is not coming down it is still more than likely cheaper to travel by car (or van) rather than flying. Plus you get to see more of the "country side" and maybe take a few detours on the way to the original destination.

6) Take a day vacation. If you are close to a beach or lake then you can leave early one morning and just stay for the day.

7) Plan your vacation for the week instead of the weekend; especially if you have to stay in a hotel. Prices are generally cheaper on weekdays than they are on weekends.

8) There are alot of fun places to visit that have free child admissoins with the purchase of an adult. These places are great to take the kids to when you are short on cash.

9) Where I live, I could stay home and visit different places each day while on vacation. I live in an area that the beach is about 2 hrs away, the zoo is a couple of hours away and so on. I am sure others are the same, so why not stay home and take mini vacations each day.

10) Finally....I say just stay home!!! If you are taking a vacation from work then just staying home and relaxing is the best vacation ever. Usually when we go on a long vacation and come home the day before we have to return to work we are give out!! So staying hime is not the worst option.

Share with me some of your ideas...what are you doing on vacation this year??
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Happy Mother's Day...just a little late

I know I am a slacker but better late than never right!?!?!? Anyway, I wanted to wish all of you wonderful mothers out there in blog world a Happy Mother's Day. Since everyone else said it 2 or 3 days ago I figured I would make you feel special all over again by saying it again. Why is Mother's Day only celebrated for 1 day anyway? We work hard all year and we get 1 day! I think at the very least we should get a whole week! So start celebrating all over again ladies. Enjoy being a mother and enjoy being YOU!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

5-things on my honey-do list that never get done

We all have them; some of them never get done and the ones that do get done usually don't get done without any lip. What am I talking about?? Honey-do lists! We all make lists that we hope our significant other will do but unfortunatley there are some of them that we ask and ask and they never seem to get done. I am going to share 5 of my honey-do list items that fall into this category.

1) The door on my son's bedroom door has fallen off and he has really wanted it to be fixed. We have tried everything but it has not worked so we need daddy to fix it. Well....there is a sheet hanging up so that he has a little bit of privacy.

2) The sliding glass door will not open easily and will not close all the way either. There is a draft in the winter so I have begged my "honey" to please do something with the door.....and well, I finally just put some blankets down to cut down on the draft.

3) While we are on the subject of doors....the screen door on the front of our house does not fit properly. It will not close all the way so when the wind blows at all it will blow the door open and that is never fun!

4) This one does not involve a door for a change. But it does involve my kitchen floor. We had a leak under the sink that caused the floor to rot and finally the floor fell through. I have wanted this to be fixed but instead got a temporary fix...there is a board on the floor to cover the hole. This is aggravating because of tripping over the board on the floor now.

5) This has been the one that has bugged me the most! About 2 years ago we had a hurricane. Not much to it but there was enough wind to blow a tree over. Thank God above for sparing my house and our lives!!! But the tree hit my porch. It came so close to going through my house that it knocked out the board on the porch that is next to the entrance. It also weakened the rest of the boards so it has been scary thinking someone was going to fall through. I have begged for a new porch and well, I am still waiting. We did find a temporary fix that is safer but it is also too small and has a longer drop when you walk out the door.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How do YOU effectively discipline?

Ok so I am asking for input here. How do you effectively discipline your children?? I have an 11-yo son that has become terror at school and I am at my wits end trying to get him to do right. He talks back to the teachers, he walks away from the class and goes somewhere else (which is considered skipping class) and he misbehaves on the bus. Last week he was suspended from school for 2 days because of skipping class. For those days (and even other days as well) he was made to work. He helped my mom out for 2 days and then my mother in law for another day around the houses. All the other kids went camping with my sister and brother in law and he had to stay home, he has not been allowed to ride his dirt bike, and he has watched very little tv. Then his first day back to school he gets called to the office and has been suspended from the bus for 5 days because of standing on the bus...this happened before he was suspneded from school not on his first day back. He smiles and seems to think that it is funny and the punishments have not seemed to phase him at all. I really thought once we got the dirt bike(we have only had it about 2 weeks) then he would start behaving because he loves to ride it! But so far he has done without.
What I am in desperate need of is some advice from all you wonderful blogging mommies (and daddies) out there. What have you done that worked as far as punishment? All that we have done to punish him has not seemed to work. He is a little big for spankings. What else can I do???

Monday, May 3, 2010

Plan B - book review

Every good planner has a back-up plan. You hear people say all the time, "Well that did not work so let's try plan B". But what about those times when you really thought God was going to come through for you in a certain way and He doesn't. Maybe you have prayed and prayed for something to happen and God leads in a totally different way? Do you find yourself questioning God and being disappointed in His leading? Most of us, even if we don't intend to, do seem to get upset when God does not answer the way we thought He would. But how are we supposed to respond?
That is what this book is all about. Pete Wilson, the author, is the lead pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN. Pete aspires ro lead churches to become radically devoted to Christ, irrevocably committed to one another, and relentlessly dedicated to reaching those outside of God's family.
I learned by reading this book that God's plan is definitely not always our plan. And even though we hear that all the time and we even preach it and teach it to others, we still tend to question Him when we really think things should go another way in our life. But we have to have faith in God and in His decision for our life. He is the one that knows what will happen tomorrow where we only hope for what will happen today. But sometimes God will change our plans and lead us in a way that we have to depend on Him, and as long as we have faith and truly believe in Him then He will go before us and things will always work out for the better. Just like in the days when Moses died and Joshua had to lead the people to the promised land. God spoke to Joshua and told him that they would have to cross over the river, but the river was up and there was no human way for them to get across it. Our plan in this situation would have been for God to make a way for them to cross before they got there, but in order to really show their faith they had to step foot into the river before God split the waters and they walked across on dry land. God's plan B was more of a challenge but I think God will bless us more if we take that extra leap of faith.
As I was reading this book I was faced with my own kind of Plan B experience. I was called at 6:30 on a Sunday morning by my dad. My first thought was that something was wrong with my mom but as I answered the phone and began to talk to him I realized he had a problem at work. He was supposed to teach Sunday School but he had an emergency at work that required him to go in ASAP. Before reading this book I would have said something to the tune of "I am sorry but I cannot help you." But this book came to my mind and I told him that I would teach his class for him. I had not studied at all so I went up to his house and got his notes and I went home and studied and prayed!! I was nervous but I truly felt God's presence was with me while I was in front of the class. I got several compliments and people even asking when I was teaching again. I know that God was testing my faith on that morning and I feel like I passed the test. But I would not have taken that chance if it had not been for Pete Wilson and his encouraging words in his book.
I totally recommend this book to everyone!! In fact, I have already told a few of my family and friends that they needed to read it as well as told several people in the church about the book and my own personal experience with it.
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