Monday, February 28, 2011

MOST - DVD review & giveaway

John 15:13 "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

Recently I was sent a DVD to watch and review and I have to say that this has been a difficult review for me to write. The main reason is because I am a little slow and I did not really get the full point of the DVD until today~~~a full 8 days after I watched the DVD. So let me tell you a little about this DVD that had me stumped for so long.

MOST (czech for "The Bridge") is a visually enthralling, 21st-century parable about a loving father, his young son, and the fateful day when they attempt to head off an impending rail disaster. Hundreds of passengers aboard an oncoming steam train are completely unaware of the danger that looms as they head toward an open drawbridge. A desperate young woman witnesses an act of mercy beyond imagination, changing her life forever - and the lives of all who see this story. Both heart wrenching and glorious, MOST vividly portrays the greatest offering of love, sacrifice, hope, and forgiveness to man.

This is a 33 minute video that illustrates the love of a father to his son. John 3:16 says "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish but have everlasting life." I don't know about you, but I have thought that God sending Jesus to Earth just so that He could die for our sins was probably easy because, well He is God! It just doesn't seem the same as if you or I were to be in that same situation so it makes it a little harder to understand. Now I am not completely ignorant, and I do believe in the Bible and accept it, but as humans we tend to question these kinds of things. Or at least I do. That is what makes this DVD so inspiring and awesome.

Now I do have to be honest and say that I had a hard time keeping up with the story line. I wish it had been made a little differently because it did not seem to fall into place from beginning to end. And the fact that it is filmed in Czech so you have to read the subtitles makes it a little difficult to watch as well. But even with those two "cons" the "pro" of this movie makes up the difference.

All through the movie the one thing that is clear is that this man loves his son, and his son loves him. So when the dad has to make the decision to let his son die in order to let the other people live, it really brings to life the message in John 3:16. It brings it into perspective for those of us that have to question life. I recommend this video for church groups or families. It is truly inspiring!

Check out the MOST website:
and check out this video on youtube :
I also have the opportunity to give one of these DVD's to a North Carolina Momma reader. If you would like to experience the true meaning of love through the eyes of a father, comment below. I will make this easy...the first person to comment to say they want to see this DVD will get a copy.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this DVD for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and I was not influenced by anyone to write a positive review.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

We have WINNERS!!

Well I am a little behind, but we do have a few winners to announce. Congratulations to comment #13
DEBIJOT who said:I like Honey Nut Cheerios

She is the winner of the Big G whole grain prize pack.

And congratulations to Jennie who wins a box of chocolates from H&S candies.

I will be emailing the winners shortley and they will have 48 hours to respond or I will pick another winner.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Are you a Blogger?

Do you blog? I started out this blog last year mostly to get extra entries in giveaways. I needed a blog in order to add other blogs badge to my page. But since then I have learned how to make money with my blog. And occasionally I have been able to host some pretty neat giveaways as well.
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Friday, February 11, 2011

H&S box of chocolates giveaway

It is almost Valentine's Day so what are your plans? Hubby and I are going on a date night tonight to Olive Garden! I am so excited because we only get to go there about once a year and this year we are doing it early. His daughter and son-in-law are doubling with us because she has never eaten at Olive Garden. Now our son-in-law will be mad at me because I am sure she will be like me and get hooked!

What do you and your other half give each other on Valentine's? Do you get or give chocolate? If so, you need to check out the great people at heart and soul candies. They know the true meaning of Love and they know how you can share that love with others. Since God is Love (1 John 4:16), the only way we can truly share love is by sharing God. So why not give a box of chocolates this year with a message of Hope, Faith and LOVE! Share 2 of the greatest things there is...GOD and chocolate!!
You can purchase H&S candies at most Wal Mart locations for only $5.00.
OR you could WIN a box here!!
We are going to make this a fast and fun giveaway. Comment on this post as many times as you like with memories of your favorite valentine, your worst valentine, or anything you would like to say about valentines. We will close this giveaway on Monday the 14th at midnight...yes that is Valentine's Day!! The person with the most comments will win their very own box of chocolates and let me say they are delicious!! My dad tried them out and told me he was my biggest fan when I got So get to commenting!!
This giveaway is open to US age 18 and older.
Disclaimer: I received a box of H&S chocolates for the purpose of this review and giveaway. I was not comensated in any way for my opinion and the opinions in this review are 100% mine and my family.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Big G Whole Grain GIVEAWAY

Did you know that 95 percent of Americans don't get enough whole grain in their diet?

According to the 2010 Report of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, only five percent of Americans get the three full recommended daily servings - a shocking statistic.

With many Americans making New Year's Resolutions to live healthier, it's never been easier to get the whole grain you want without sacrificing taste. Every Big G cereal contains at least 8 grams of whole grain per serving, with more than 20 General Mills cereals delivering 16 grams or more. (At least 48 grams of whole grain are recommended daily.) Big G cereals are America's number one source of whole grain at breakfast, providing America with more whole grain at breakfast than any other breakfast food from any other manufacturer.

Only whole grain gives you the vital nutrients from the complete grain. The health benefits of whole grains can't be pinpointed to one particular component of the grain. It's the "whole grain package" that makes the difference. In addition to fiber, whole grain contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients that help ensure a healthy diet. A diet high in whole grain has been found to help with diabetes and weight management, and it may help reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

Get into the whole grain habit by just looking for the big white check on Big G cereals! Cereal is already one of the healthiest breakfast choices you can make, and the entire Big G cereal line is made with whole grain, making it a great choice. Big G cereals have the brands and flavor your family will love, including Cheerios®, Lucky Charms®, Cinnamon Toast Crunch®, Honey Nut Cheerios®, Fiber One® and Total®.

To be sure the other foods you are choosing have the healthy whole grain you need, just follow these two easy rules:
Look for a whole grain symbol like the big white check on Big G cereals or the Whole Grain Stamp developed by the Whole Grains Council

Scan the ingredient list and choose foods that list a whole grain near the top of the list
Visit for more tips, additional information about the benefits of Whole Grain and how Big G cereals can be a convenient and tasty way to incorporate more whole grain into your day.

Thanks to General Mills and Myblogspark, I was given the prize pack shown above and my family is getting more whole grains in our diet. We also want to share this prize pack with someone else as well. So how would YOU like to get more whole grain for YOUR family??

It is now time for the fun part!!

One North Carolina Momma reader is going to win the same prize pack that I received. For your first and main entry I want you to answer the following question in the comment section.
With which of your favorite Big G cereals do you like to start your day off? That is it! Remember to leave your email address in the comment as well.
You can also get extra entries by doing any or all of the following:

*subscribe to my blog or let me know if you already subscribe- 2 extra entries
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This giveaway is open to the US only and it will close on Saturday, February 12th. The winner will then be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond.

Disclaimer: I received this prize pack and coupon from General mills and myblogspark for the purpose of this giveaway and review. Any opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

The WYLDS - movie review

About the Movie:

The Wylds is an action-packed, adventure film inspired by the hugely popular classic, “The Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan. Filled with outrageous characters and exciting special effects, this thought-provoking allegory is a movie the whole family will enjoy.
Chris, a runaway child, lives with a group of misfits in a junkyard, stealing to survive. When a traveling preacher tells him that his father is alive and wants him to come home, Chris must leave his family of thieves and venture into the wilderness in search of his father and a better life.
Join Chris on an action-packed adventure as he outwits bandits, escapes swamp monsters, battles evil robots, and learns valuable lessons about choosing the right path in life.
A contemporary allegory inspired by John Bunyan’s “The Pilgrim’s Progress.”

My Thoughts:

I have to admit that when I saw the preview of this movie I thought it was going to be dumb. But I agreed to watch it anyway and I am really glad I did. This turned out to be a great movie. As I began to watch the movie, I realized that each character was a representation of something else. Chris is a christian trying to find his way back to the celestial city to find his Father. On the way, he finds out that there are people that will get in your way and try to stop you from finding that city. Luckily, Chris has Faith and Hope on his side and sees the truth.

This is a great movie for church groups to show the youth. It helps young people to see and learn how the devil works. He is sneaky, so we have to be prepared and focused and always remember that even when the road is bumpy, we always stay on the narrow road!

Disclaimer: I was sent this movie for free for the purpose of an honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We have a winner...

Thanks to everyone for entering the giveaway for the CSN stores gift certificate. With 50 entries, the winner is comment #30 Debbie said...
Twitter follower @suburbsanity.fourkidsrgreat(at)
January 25, 2011 8:44 PM

Debbie I will be emailing you soon! Congratulations and check back...I will have a chocolate candy giveaway soon for Valentine's Day!!