Thursday, March 31, 2011

How I Keep My Family Happy

In 2011 there are so many games, gadgets, and our phones are "smart". We no longer have to read a real book because now we can read it on a device. Our phones can do about as much as a computer. And the gaming systems are so high-tech these days that you can actually play online, download movies and other fun things.

So why is it so hard to make our families happy?

I am a firm believer that "stuff" does not make you happy. And all the things that I described above is proof of that. It starts out with small babies and toddlers. Have you ever noticed that when a small child gets a gift, they would rather play with the box? So it starts when they are small, but we still continue to get them "stuff", which only makes them happy for a short while. They really would love to just have that big box to make a space ship out of it.

Now I am not judging anyone by no means because my family has a lot of these games and gadgets as well. But it is not those items that keeps my family happy. My son is happiest when he can go outside and play with the "scrap pile" and find something to build. Him and my nephew have built a clubhouse, and now they are adding more things to it. They have swing and a slide and each day they look through the scraps to see what else they can come up with. Those are the moments he will treasure the most when he is grown.

My daughter loves to sing. She is happiest when we get together and put in a CD, or plug in the MP3 player in the car, and we sing together. She walks around the house with the MP3 and sings all the songs over and over. She is going to be the next American Idol cause this girl loves to sing!

Farm Rich wants to help you “Keep ‘em Happy” with a selection of tasty and easy-to-prepare snacks! They have great snacks such as cheese sticks, quesidillas, and meatballs. Around my house we love to get together for family movie nights. We love making these kinds of snacks, put them on a big platter, and sit around the t.v. eating and watching. When I was growing up I can always remeber my dad being at work. We did not do many family activities other than family vacations. I appreciate all of the time that my dad spent working for our family, but I do love the fact that my children will have the memories of us having family time together.

So what is it that makes your family happy? Is it food that makes them happy, or something else?  Please share your thoughts about your family in the comments, I would love to read some of your stories!!

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