Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Five Lessons Every Kid Should Learn

As a mother I know of lots of things that I try to teach my kids about. With the movie Nanny McPhee coming to theaters on August 20th, I have teamed up with TwitterMoms and other bloggers to share "Five Lessons Every Kid Should Learn."
Here are my lessons, and I hope you will share yours as well. I can't wait to read the other lessons from wonderful blog-moms out there.

1) Kids have to learn early that it is not OK to take candy, or other items, from strangers. Unfrtunately, predators and drug dealers are targeting younger kids these days and doing it with candy and other items.

2) Kids also have to learn to not go away with strangers. I have a problem with talking to strangers so it is hard for me to tell my kids not to talk to them, but I do stress that it is one thing to talk to someone in a public place and leaving with someone.

3) One thing I have seen that unfortunately too many kids do not learn is when to be quiet!! I believe that all kids should learn when it is time to just be quiet. But as you look around there are parents that don't practice this concept, so unfortunatly they are not teaching their kids to be quiet either. Then our teachers have to deal with the consequences.

4) Kids MUST learn about good hygiene!! This is something I struggle with my two kids about, but the older they get (and get interested in the pposite sex), I remind them that they need to take more care of their appearance. And I don't mean girls putting on makeup or trying to be someone they are not, but just plain old bathing and taking pride in being clean!

5) All kids (and adults too in some cases) must learn to respect their elders!!! I work in an assisted living facility and it is really sad at how many people call the "old folks" just by their first name only. And in schools (and other public places) you see and hear kids being just plain RUDE! We need to go back to the ole
R-E-S-P-E-C-T song!

What can you add, or even take away from my list?? Please share your thoughts. in the meantime, are you going to take your kids to see Nanny McPhee?

About Nanny McPhee Returns (In Theaters August 20, 2010):

In Nanny McPhee Returns, Oscar®-winning actress and screenwriter Emma Thompson returns to the role of the magical nanny who appears when she’s needed the most and wanted the least in the next chapter of the hilarious and heartwarming fable that has enchanted children around the world.

In the latest installment, Nanny McPhee appears at the door of a harried young mother, Mrs. Isabel Green (Maggie Gyllenhaal), who is trying to run the family farm while her husband is away at war. But once she’s arrived, Nanny McPhee discovers that Mrs. Green’s children are fighting a war of their own against two spoiled city cousins who have just moved in and refuse to leave.

Relying on everything from a flying motorcycle and a statue that comes to life to a tree-climbing piglet and a baby elephant who turns up in the oddest places, Nanny McPhee uses her magic to teach her mischievous charges five new lessons.

Watch the “Nanny McPhee Returns” Trailer: http://www.nannymcphee.com

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