Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 Tips for Planning a Unique Baby Shower

Tiny Prints and TwitterMoms are asking blogging moms to share ten of their tips for planning a unique baby shower. As a mother of 2, and someone who loves babies, I wanted to participate and share some of my ideas.

1) If you can pull it off, a surprise shower is a fun idea. This is good for second pregnancies rather than the first because with the first one the mom-to-be is not going to want a surprise cause she is going to be too excited and in need of a lot of items!

2) Decorations play a big part in a baby shower going well. Find out ahead of time, if at all possible, if it is a boy or girl so that you can decorate accordingly.

3) One of the last baby showers I went to, had a really neat idea with the decorations. The mom-to-be was having a girl so her mom took a bunch of pink onesies and hung them up all around the room. This made for a really neat looking decoration and it is something that does not have to be taken down and thrown away.

4) I LOVE those cute diaper cakes...I really wish I was talented enough to make them but unfortunately I am not talented at all. But there are many sites and places that you can go to and get one of these. They make a wonderful decoration and a gift as well.

5) Come up with a theme for the shower. If there is something special that the mom-to-be needs, then don't be afraid to put it in the invitation; but make it a fun instead of a pushy way. This is especially helpful if this is not the first child because they may already have a few things so they may only need the everyday essentials.

6) I went to a shower a couple of years ago that gave away a $50 giftcard to WalMart to one of the guests. The way they did the drawing, was ask everyone to bring a package of diapers and their name would be put into a drawing. This was a good way to get the one thing that you can never have too many of, and it gave the guests an incentive as well.

7) One of my favorite games to play at a baby shower is the clothes pin game. At the beginning of the shower you must tell everyone the "words" that cannot be spoken. The words may be baby, diaper, the baby's name, etc. Be creative and have fun. When someone says one of the words, they lose their clothes pin. At the end, the person with the most pins wins.

8) Another fun game is the one that you take a piece of string and each guest cuts off the amount of string that they believe is the size of the mom-to-be around her belly. Then after everyone has cut their piece of string, they actually measure the string. The person that is closest wins a prize.

9) The prizes for guests can be fun and go along with a theme of the shower. One great gift idea is taking a baby bottle and filling it with body wash. It is great if you can get the one with the color blue or pink!

10) And my last tip but not least of course), is invite everyone you know and HAVE FUN!! Baby showers are not intended to be stressful and they should be fun so let loose and enjoy!

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What are some of the fun activities that you have had at your baby shower? I would love for you to share some of your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Great ideas!

    I love the Twittermom promotions. I recently got a $50 Staples card and $50 Fandango bucks, and I am waiting on a few it!