Thursday, January 26, 2012

5 Mom-Inspired Driving Tips

If you are a mom (or dad) you understand the importance of safe driving. Or at least you should! Some days when I am driving I wonder if I am the only one on the road that is being careful. So I want to share my tips for safe driving.

1) Be considerate of other drivers & don't think that you are the only person on the road. I don't know how many times I have been close to being hit because someone in the lane next to me decides they want to drive in my lane - WITH me. Only one vehicle per lane is the rule so please make sure if you are changing lanes that there is no one already there.

2) Keep a safe speed. If you get in a wreck or get  pulled over by a law enforcement officer, then you will be later than if you just went the speed limit. Now, I would not suggest being a little "granny" driver and going extremely slow because that can be just as bad as going over the speed limit. So it is very important to keep a "safe" speed...not over and not under.

3) Wear your seat belt! It is hard to teach children to do something if we as the parents are not doing it. It is important to lead our children by example. Children will naturally hate being "tied" into a seat belt, but they are more likely to wear one of they see their parents wearing one as well.

4) Make sure your car is safe. Keep a check on your tires to make sure they are safe. If you have a tire blow out, it can be very dangerous for those in the car as well as those all around on the road. Also, make sure your headlights are working properly. Not only is it important for you to see where you are going, but it is also very important for others to be able to see you coming as well.

5) Don't drive sleepy!! Unfortunately there are many drivers that will keep driving even though they are very sleepy and tired. According to there are approximately 100,000 police-reported crashes as the direct result of driver fatigue each year. That is a scary number! So please, if you get tired...pull over, take a nap, or let someone else drive for a little while!

There are many other safety driving tips that we could share, but these are my 5 that I wanted to share with you. Please comment with a tip of your own. And be sure to check out Esurance and the tips that they can offer. Be sure to like them on facebook .

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