Friday, December 31, 2010

If Children Are Cheaper By The Dozen...can I get a discount on six? ~~Book review

Have you ever thought that you could write a book about your life that other people would enjoy reading? I know I could write a book but I do not know that anyone else would enjoy it at all. But I found a book that as I read it I was so glad that this lady decided to share her life with us in a book. The book is titled If Children Are Cheaper By The Dozen...can i get a discount on six?

From the Book:

A mass exodus to the ER for a child to regurgitate possibly swallowed pills, blow-drying a half-naked toddler's pants in a museum restroom, hauling several youngsters up and down hills after a stroller collapses - these are the everyday experiences of a mother of six. In her quirky, lighthearted memoir, If Children Are Cheaper By The Dozen, Can I Get a Discount on Six? Elizabeth Kathleen shares the mayhem of mothering a busy household.
Embracing the pressures of a crowded household, Elizabeth maintains positivity to meet each challenge. From clothing mishaps to outlandish pets, this family has seen it all. Things as simple as washing a dog turn into a comedy event when there are half a dozen extra minds in the mix. Follow the fun-filled account of raising six children born within seven years, Shiloh, Abigail, Josiah, Elijah, and twins Isaiah and Loru, and experience a glimpse of family life that would leave you asking, If Children Are Cheaper By The Dozen...Can I Get a Discount on Six?

About the Author:

Elizabeth Kathleen has spent the last twenty-two years of her life in research for this book. She has studied the eating, sleeping, playing, and educational habits of the average American child, hers. She and her family reside in rural Ohio.

My Thoughts:

I don't know that I have ever laughed so hard when reading a book in my life! The different situations that this family finds themselves in on a regular basis is just too funny. I am sure they were not funny to them at the time, but I am glad that she was willing to share these moments for the rest of us to laugh at (and with) them now. She starts out with the funniest story ever at the doctor's office when she first found out she was pregnant. The nurse sent her in the restroom with a 32 oz container for her to get a urine sample in. Elizabeth "thought" she had to fill up this container, so she was in the bathroom for over an hour. Finally the nurse offers her some water, in which she gladly accepts, and proudly walks out of the bathroom with her cup almost running over! Thank goodness I was not pregnant, or did not have to use the bathroom, as I was reading this because I would have surely wet myself.

This is just one of the MANY funny stories that Elizabeth shares in her book If Children Are Cheaper By The Dozen...Can I Get a Discount on Six? If you have had some funny (and maybe embarassing) situations with your family, or if you have not began your family yet, you will love reading this book. Get your book today from Tate Publishing or Amazon

I promise you that you will laugh often while reading this book.

Disclaimer: I recieved this book for the purpose of a review. All opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine!

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