Thursday, December 2, 2010

Flipped movie - mom/daughter date night

Did you check out the new movie release of Flipped? If not, you really need to get it. If you liked My Girl I am sure you will like this movie too. And if you have a daughter then you really need to check out the mom & daughter date night download. It gives some great and exciting ideas for a date night that your daughter will never forget!
Here are the 10 ideas for a great date night that they share:
Tip: Do one of these activities on your “Flipped” date night or on another occasion.
1. Make a 1950s-style dinner (malt shakes, fries, burgers, etc.)
2. Start a mother/daughter book club by reading “Flipped” by Wendelin Van Draanen;
then, watch the film
3. Bake a special family recipe to snack on during “Flipped”
4. Create homemade cards for other people to show them how much you love them
5. Write a modern-day fairy tale together based on a classic
6. Take a dance class together to learn swing, salsa or ballroom dancing
7. Make a mixed CD/playlist together of favorite love songs of both generations
8. Ride bikes together before or after watching the movie
9. Read favorite love poetry from school or life and/or write love letters to discuss
10. Have a princess tea party and describe fairy tale love

And they have other great ideas to make your date night special.

So make plans today to rent/buy this movie and share a "Date Night" with your daughter. I am sure she will treasure that night for the rest of her life!!

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