Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shrinkvivor - weigh-in #3

Well this week has been a true challenge for me with Shrinkvivor. For our second week we were challenged to exercise and keep up with our "minutes". The girls from Tribe Navy Seals ROCK!! I almost believe that some of them are robots with the amount of minutes they put in this week. For my minutes I was only able to get in 160 minutes (and trust me that was A LOT for me!!) I can only hope that it was enough. I am happy to say the scales were nice again this week!!

Beginning weight: 174.8
Week 1 weigh-in: 172.4 (-2.4)
Week 2 weigh-in: 171.2 (-1.2) Grand total loss: 3.6 lbs!! WOO HOO
The non-physical challenges were to continue with our water and no fast food. Well I have not kept up with the ounces on my water intake but I do drink more water than anything else these days where I used to do good to get in one glass of water a day!
The fast food challenge was just that...a challenge!! But I did it!!! I went to Subway twice (cause it was allowed) but that was it! I even went to CFA to get some chicken minis for the kids and did not eat even 1!! And those things are the bomb!! I wouldn't even go and get a salad. I cannot wait for the next challenge...I am more pumped and excited than ever before!


  1. You did so great! Congrats on the loss and staying away from the chicken ;)

  2. WTG, Gerrie!! I'm so proud of you for resisting the CFA. I don't know if I coulda done it :) Congratulations on an amazing loss this week, too!!!

  3. I don't know what CFA is, but great job resisting it! Also, great job on the minutes. If that was a record for you, then the challenge was a success! Go Tribe Navy Seals!