Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shrinkvivor weigh-in #2

Week one is complete for the shrinkvivor challenge. The first week had 2 challenges for us all. One was physical which was miles. We were to walk, run or jog to get miles. On our weigh-in today we had to put in our total miles for the week. I wish I could have done more, but I am happy to say I was able to get in 9 miles! That is a huge accomplishment for me!

The second challenge was water. I have always heard to make sure you get in 64 oz. of water, but with the challenge this week we were encouraged to take our weight, divide it in half and that was the number of ounces we should drink. For me that was 175/2=87.5 oz. WOW..that is a lot of water. Especially for someone that does not normally drink much water! But I was able to get in between 60-80 oz a day.

So what are my results?? Let me show you....... This is my weigh in from week 1...174.8. This is my weight this week...172.4. That is a weight loss of 2.4 lbs.!!!!
I could not have done it without my girls in tribe "Navy Seals"...those girls ROCK!!! They are wonderful encouragement and inspiration for me on this journey!!

I bought some new shoes...those that say they will help tone your legs and butt while you walk. My first day of walking I took the kids to the park so I could walk on the track there. I wore my new shoes and did not feel any different AT ALL. I thought surely I wasted my money...BUT LET ME TELL YOU...Saturday night I started to feel it in my legs. By Sunday morning I was sore from the lower part of my legs to the lower part of my back! Have you ever known anyone to be excited about being sore?? Well I am!! I know the shoes are doing what they promised to do!! I wish I would have measured my body prior to this challenge so I could see how many inches I may have lost compared to weight loss as well...I feel like I "toned up" some this week and gained muscle and unfortunately the scale alone does not show that...but the smaller jeans will!!

Are you on a weight loss journey?? If so, how have you done?

Share your success in a comment. Also, it is too late to sign up for the challenge but you can still participate with us on this journey. Check out The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.


  1. Awesome job this week!!!! And don't poo-poo those 9 miles-that is 9 more than the vast majority of the population got in!

    I've always wondered about those shoes-I'm glad they seem to be working for you. It's always good to feel a little sore because then you know you really worked something =)

  2. Great job, Gerrie! Seriously awesome!! I've always been skeptical of those shoes, but hearing your testimonial makes me want to think again!

    Congrats on an awesome loss this week!

  3. Amazing job on the weightloss and I love my shoes that help tone you!

  4. Great job!!!
    Have another great week!

  5. I showed my scale too (on my blog.. scary) But, I am so happy I did! Keep up the great work!