Friday, May 6, 2016

It's been a long hard road

Well, I doubt that anyone even missed me but I have been gone for a while. Even if you didn't miss me you can look at the date of the last post and see it has been almost 2 years since I have posted on my blog. It has been a rough 2 years for me and I guess I should have been blogging through the whole thing, but I didn't. Let me try to catch you up on a few things....

My husband left me and our 2 children. He had been acting funny and I tried and tried to work things out with him, but on December 31, 2014 he left and did not come back. I found out in March or April that he had in fact been cheating on me. He was 44 at the time and she was 22....yes, you read that right! He had been showing all the signs of a mid-life crisis so it makes sense. I can see his "thrill" of a much younger woman. What I cannot seem to grasp is....WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES SHE WANT WITH AN OLD MAN?!?!? Anyway, I am trying to work past the bitterness so I will move on from that.

What hurts more than him cheating on me is the fact that he has not had much to do with our kids since he left. On a few occasions I tried calling him because our son needed him. I took our son to the hospital, to the doctor because he wanted to kill himself. All he really needed was his dad but his dad was not there. On April 22nd our son was in a bad wreck. I called his dad 3 times and he would not answer the phone. His son could have died and he would not have known because he did not want to talk to me. Sad, huh! Moving on....

Our daughter, who just turned 16 on April 9th, is pregnant. I am sad that she is going to miss out on being a "kid" but I can't say that I am not excited about being a grandma!

I've written about these things with my kids because I truly believe that these things happened because of the separation of their dad and me. They both went looking some way to fill the void that he left them with. I think I have been a good least I have tried my best to the best mom I can.  I think it is important for dads to be a part of their children's' lives. I LOVE the movie "Courageous". At the beginning of the movie the sheriff stands in front of his deputies and gives some statistics.......

As the deputy sheriffs finish their morning briefing in Sherwood Pictures’ new film Courageous, the sheriff announces one last item.
I received an email, he tells them, and I want you to know about it. The violent gang members, run-aways, high school dropouts, and teens in prison—the sorts of kids who get into trouble with the law—have something in common: “Most of them are from fatherless homes.”
“When a father is absent,” he goes on, “kids are five times more likely to commit suicide or use drugs. They’re twenty times more likely to wind up in prison. So tonight after you clock out,” he adds, “go home and love your families.”

If you have not seen the movie, then you have GOT to watch it!! It is awesome. What is sad, is my ex watched the movie with us AND he agreed with the statistics! See, I didn't mention that HE is a deputy sheriff! So he deals with kids that have to grow up without a dad. The statistics are there and they are true! So if you are a man reading this, and you have kids, please be a dad to them.  It is not about any money that you spend on them, but it is all about time that you spend with them. They need it!

I will be posting more. In fact, I have a couple of books I will be reviewing and I will have some giveaways too. And did I mention I will be a grandma! So of course I will be posting some updates on that as well.

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