Monday, January 21, 2013

Wow it has been a while....

I have been so busy and knew that I had not blogged in a while but I really did not realize it had been so long. I really wish I was better at prioritizing and making time to do all the things that I want to do but, in all honesty, I go to work and work all day and then when I get home I cook dinner and then all I want to do is lay on the couch and watch t.v. with the family. I did sign up this year, along with 108,000+ other people, to read the Bible all the way through in 2013. I am really excited too because I always say that I want to read the Bible through and, just like with everything else in my life, I get distracted and don't get it done. This year is different though because I signed a pledge. To some that does not mean a whole lot but to me the  pledge that I signed means everything. My pastor has always stressed the fact that it is better to never make a pledge than to make one and not keep it. I feel like I made a pledge to God, therefore, I feel more pressure, you could say, to do what I have said I would do. I had to get myself in a routine that I knew I could keep - I get up in the morning and get me a cup of coffee and sit down and read. No one else in the house is up yet, except my daughter and she is good about doing her own thing, so I have that little bit of time to myself.

I am going to try to get myself in more of a habit where I can blog a little more as well. My sister over at Southern Mom of 4 keeps telling me all about these great opportunities I am missing, but I just do not seem to find the time. I do have a great DVD review/giveaway coming up soon so hopefully that will get me back in the groove. Anyway, I hope to not be away so long....

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