Friday, February 18, 2011

Are you a Blogger?

Do you blog? I started out this blog last year mostly to get extra entries in giveaways. I needed a blog in order to add other blogs badge to my page. But since then I have learned how to make money with my blog. And occasionally I have been able to host some pretty neat giveaways as well.
So, do you want to earn money with your blog?? If so, go to and sign up with SocialSpark. They send you opportunitues for blogging and if the publisher accepts, you get paid!! I have been given opportunities that range from 500 points (or $5.00) up to 2500 points ($25.00). And you can cash out via paypal when you have 5000 points($50.00). This makes good extra income and comes in handy for Christmas or vacations!

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